Vancouver Will See Northern Lights Soon

Did you say Aurora Borealis? We would love to see them too!

For those who are not yet aware, Canadians might be in for a spectacular show soon in the coming days. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that a geomagnetic storm would blast through the Earth’s magnetosphere, causing the aurora borealis to illuminate parts of Canada. 

A geomagnetic storm is an unforeseen disturbance in Earth’s magnetic field that leads to aurora borealis displays or enhanced solar activity. It is the reason behind why the aurora borealis appears and has been observed since the creation of our solar system.

The NOAA announced that the geomagnetic storm is expected to start on April 14 and possibly last until April 15. The event’s intensity effect on the Earth’s aurora borealis will depend on how close the winds of the solar wind are to Earth that day.

The University of Fairbanks advised getting outside around midnight to see the aurora. They recommend staying outside long enough to get a good view of an auroral display. Go grab and witness the dancing northern lights! 

All of us at Leona hope to see your favorite twinkling lights from Vancouver! We are getting ready to see the gorgeous display, so we hope you get ready.

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