How Canadians Can Enjoy Healthy, Meaningful Living in 2023

Have you started on your New Year’s resolutions yet? Whether you have or haven’t, consider including healthier habits as one of them! Global News reports health is the main priority for many Canadians this year. That’s because, after the influx of patients that overwhelmed Canada’s health system in 2022, many Canadians are beginning to focus on preventing sickness and improving overall health.

Manitoba Psychological Society’s Dr. Riddel cautions that creating healthy habits means avoiding bandwagons like “I-need-to-go-on-a-diet.” Instead, Canadians must consider their values and what matters: achieving long-lasting health and well-being.

Does this sound intriguing? Here’s a quick and easy guide to healthy, meaningful living to get you started.

Develop a healthier relationship with food

Many individuals do not see food as a source of well-being because of its associations with weight and body image. To prevent Canadians from rushing into unhealthy weight loss, Canada’s food guide cautions against fad diets that are heavily restrictive. Restrictive diets can lead an individual to focus so much on their food intake that they stop enjoying their meals and other daily activities.

Furthermore, fad diets may end up causing nutrition deficiencies. If you hope to achieve a healthier weight while nurturing your relationship with food, look towards personalized programs instead. WeightWatchers states that weight loss programs overseen by experts like nutritional scientists can help you tailor a meal plan that’s right for your health goals, body condition, and even taste preferences and budget! This type of program allows people to still eat what they love and thereby enjoy food while balancing their dietary needs.

Choose a fun exercise

Many people avoid exercise because it’s exhausting or boring, despite its numerous health benefits. However, you just need to find the right kind of exercise that works for you. This doesn’t have to be a conventional sport. For example, bonding with your dog over a morning run or dancing your heart out while playing the Wii are fun options for cardiovascular exercise.

Otherwise, find another source of motivation so that exercising becomes more meaningful, like exercising with someone else. Your motivation can even be financial! Research on the Carrot Rewards physical activity app, which has since relaunched as Optimity to include new features like educational quizzes on the body and mind, discovered that Canadians’ average daily step count increased while on the app. This is thanks to its rewards points program, which motivates users to make better lifestyle choices.

Aim for a better work-life balance

A national survey on hustle culture conducted by Maru Public Opinion last November 2022 discovered that more than half of working Canadians are burned out. To prevent this in 2023, it is vital that you proactively take care of your mental health. Reconnect with your well-being, friends, and family by finding a new hobby and a better work-life balance. Your work performance may even improve thanks to your healthier mental state.

Start practising mindfulness

Mindfulness means becoming in tune with your body and thoughts so that you become less reactive to external stimulants like stress. Doing so can help you recognize the small differences within your bodily functions, which means you can seek treatment faster and stop illnesses from getting worse.

A good way to start practicing mindfulness is meditation. Apps like Headspace and Calm are popular among Canadians for their various guided sessions. Otherwise, you can look towards yoga. This incorporates mindfulness with a gentle workout, as we’ve previously discussed in Yoga Insider Roger’s Place. You can try classes online or at studios in your location. Be sure to watch out for special classes held near local spots like Rogers Place.

Be patient as you strive for a healthy and meaningful lifestyle, as developing healthy habits takes time. Check out our other blogs on Leone Point, and we can develop our passion for wellness and growth together.

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