About Us

With our desire to communicate local culture and art, Leona started to bring people closer to the artists and the art they love.

Leona was created out of love for culture, creativity, and personal expression. We strive to create an intimate connection between creators and their audiences by celebrating artists who have unconventional minds and different ways of seeing the world.

We are driven by our passion for movement, adventure, wellness, growth, new experiences, art & design, which fuel us as human beings. As a pioneer in social-first publishing, we understand that it is our role to create meaningful content that our audience, whether they travel or not, will happily read and share in their everyday lives.

With our more than 5 million audiences across our platforms and growing, we build an intimate connection between creators and the audiences by leveraging the power of social networks and creating content. As a result, we are changing how people view their cities. Our content is designed to be a local resource for inspiration no matter what city they are in.

Having that said, we’ve become the go-to online resource for women travelers, travelers with an adventurous spirit, and anyone who wants to find the best of their city. We are dedicated to inspiring and doing it in a way that is honest, real, and broad enough for the most avid traveler or novice travel enthusiasts alike.