Vancouver’s Most Iconic Pool Might Stay Closed All Summer

Undoubtedly, Kitsilano Pool is a great place for all Vancouverites. With its two modern-looking pools, it is also one of the best and busiest swimming facilities in town. But what if you cannot swim? Or worse, what if your child can’t swim? Would that make this the summer of missed opportunities for fun activities in Kitsilano Pool?

The Vancouver Park Board announced they are keeping this pool closed until further notice. It is all because of the damage sustained to the Seawall last January. They need to evaluate the amount of damage, assess the cost, and come up with a plan. The Parks Board will keep this decision under constant review. In addition, they need to determine if they need to close the pool temporarily or permanently.

The park board did not have any immediate plans for the pool’s reopening but will be announcing its next steps once the evaluation is complete. Until that time, Park Board decided to put an extension on Second Beach and New Brighton pools to accommodate the neighborhood’s needs. 

We’d be sad too if we had to stay out of the pool all summer but let’s hope they might not close the pool at all permanently.

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