Enjoy an Expedition Cruise from Vancouver to Canada With National Geographic

Are you looking for another exciting trip for your vacation? Canada is a country that deserves to be visited. Every year, 5-6 million tourists visit it because of its beautiful places, from the natural wonders of Vancouver to the pristine white beaches in Newfoundland. If you plan for your next vacation and want to explore this country, then an expedition cruise with the National Geographic team would be the best choice.

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If you love the sea and want to visit Canada, then this cruise is perfect for you. You will be able to see the most breathtaking sights in Canada from a different perspective – from the sea within two weeks. Enrolling in this tour gives you a chance to see the most interesting places, go kayaking and paddleboarding, and indulge in some of the best onboard entertainment available.

So, what’s more? You will experience the best of both worlds with this cruise – the adrenaline rush and excitement while enjoying the scenery and wildlife around you. While this National Geographic cruise is not the typical ‘relaxing’ tour, you’ll have the time of your life.

Every now and then, the company checks on all their guests to see if they are comfortable and healthy. This is necessary to know whether they can participate in their daily activities. 

The entire tour is a mix of outdoor activities and bougie experiences. No wonder this cruise costs at least $16,900, excluding the return airfare (Anchorage-Vancouver). But it’s all worth it!

The ship has more than enough amenities for all their guests so that everyone can enjoy their time on the sea. For sure, you will be coming back to this destination again within a short time.

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