Fort Edmonton Park Opening Day Has Been Revealed

Good news! Fort Edmonton Park finally announced the date of its opening day! It will be happening on May 21.

The park only opened last year, and it was limited during the summer season, so you can only imagine how excited people are!

 The park shows its visitors what life was like back then, and they have even added another attraction: the Indigenous Peoples Experience. It is a place where you can explore your history through several facilities and shows what life was like before settlers arrived in Alberta.

Other things worth trying here are the Ferris Wheel, Cabinet of Curios, and the Midway (which is going to be thrilling for sure). There are cafes, restaurants, and bars in the park so you can spend the whole day here without a problem. 

Prices for entrance have not been announced yet, but we are hoping they will be reasonable. So what are you waiting for? Plan your family trip to Fort Edmonton Park now!

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