How to Pull Off An Easy yet Stylish Summer Outfit?

We all know how oppressive the summer heat can be and how difficult it can be to “dress appropriately” in this climate. As a result, many of us resort to the staple look: shorts and an oversized t-shirt. You’re bound to see at least one girl or a guy wearing this outfit on any given day.

However, I want to stress that there are many different ways to pull this look off. With the right accessories and styling, a cute outfit can be created with simple clothing. This guide will walk you through each step!

1. Go for a summer-ready top.

The first thing you need is the correct top. For example, a loose-fitting t-shirt can be paired with shorts and sandals and look very casual yet cute!

You may prefer a more fitted t-shirt. This type of shirt looks better without shorts but with long pants or jeans. You can wear this with a nice pair of heels, some jewelry, and a cardigan for a night out. Adding accessories to your outfit can really turn it into something spectacular!

2. Choose what pleats you’re going to wear.

Pleats are a great way to pull an outfit together. However, there are many ways to wear them – which one you should choose is really up to you and your taste!

The classic pleat is the one that goes from the waistline to the hip. This kind of pleat is great for adding a feminine touch to an otherwise masculine or casual look. However, if you want a more casual look, then you can choose to wear your pleats somewhere around the shoulders. This type of pleat looks great with shorts and tanks.

I personally prefer wearing my pleats around my hips because it gives off a very feminine vibe. If you decide to go with this kind of look, then make sure to wear shorts that don’t cover your hip area.

3. Pick pastel accessories to create a pop of color

Too much pastel can be overwhelming, but it can look really cute and feminine if done right.

If you’re wearing a pastel top and shorts, then you may want to wear an accessory in the same color. For example, if your top is blush pink, then a red bracelet would look great! This will add brightness and help brighten up your outfit.

But don’t forget – the tips above are only guidelines. There will always be outfits that look better without the guidelines.

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