Check Out This Big Fun Inflatable Park in Alberta!

How are you spending your weekend? Maybe you’re planning a night out with friends or staying in to watch Netflix. We’ve got another suggestion for you: spend it in a giant inflatable park.

One of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations is an Alberta community that is home to North America’s largest indoor inflatable park. Consisting of 25 festive obstacles, the said facility aims to accommodate everyone from toddlers to serious athletes (there are obstacles for adults and kids alike). It is a surefire way to keep exercise fun. 

It is just a few minutes away from Crossiron Mills Outlet Mall for those of you who are in the area.

Kids will surely love jumping around huge wipe-out balls, climbing, and playing on huge adult-sized slides. This 30,000 square feet of fun is not just for kids, though. Adults will also find this facility entertaining. There are obstacles that adults can play in too. So you see, it is really a big fun inflatable park!

The facility welcomes people of all ages to come and play.

Book now if you are interested in playing in this giant inflatable park!

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