These Popular Menu Items Are Back In Mcdonald Canada!

Did you miss the return of staple breakfast menu items you’ve been craving for? Perhaps, the Mcdonald’s Canada menu has been a little less than what you were expecting? Well, it’s time to celebrate because they are officially back! Now you can enjoy Filet o’ Fish and McGriddles as part of Mcdonald’s menu!

Breakfast should always be exciting and delicious. And we are here to make it happen. The much-loved McGriddles are back on the menu. Meanwhile, Filet-o-Fish is making a comeback with its classic taste that customers request. McDonald’s Canada was pleased to announce this in a tweet. The tweet said:

“PSA!!! as of March 29, McGriddles are officially BACK in ALL (participating) restaurants across Canada!!”

These two items have been out of the menu for almost two years. That’s why the return of these menu items is considered big news. After all, nothing beats the feeling of eating mini pancakes and syrup that drips down your chin or biting into a yummy sandwich. 

What do you think about these being back on the menu? Do they bring back fond memories? We would like to hear your thoughts on this.

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